Time for change, adding a new dimension: re-use of natural materials. Different & exclusive. In 3D thus: Ai proof.

You have seen many 2D artworks and your mind is now challenged by a new extra: the recyclable, natural, organic touch. To help transform our destructive nature, experience surprise again and  obtain a constructive, geometric adventure. It’s… different this time. Do you dare explore new art bounderies?


FlakeArt works are three dimensional. This adds extra value and asks for extra mental involvement, besides containing a high level of tangible authenticity. For some a work of art must be flawless up to a point of perfection. It’s precisely this that’s so agreeable in FlakeArt: the confrontation between realism and mystery.


FlakeArt artworks challenge your assumptions of what perfect art should be. Abstract, to get your own brain active again. No ‘easy’ representation of comfortable, seen before & recognizable items straight out of your subconscious. Besides, the Flake artworks cannot be treated aloof which also adds up to its timeless beauty and stimulates caretaking.


Please enjoy the harmonic rhythm, the ordening of tangible vulnerability and balanced quietness in these unique organic creations, with all natural durable recycled materials and mindful compositions. A new era of art on the horizon. No AI or algorithm can reproduce this.