PLEU / Peter Leuhof

For years, I have searched for a new use of materials, not seen before. I work with natural, organic, ‘simple’ ingredients like wood flakes and rope. In 3D. In this way you will buy a unique conversation piece. The best thing is if your visitors say, “Oh, I can do that too, just give me a pencil to shave.” Then you know that you have bought something very special’.


In his early teens he already filled many notebooks at school page after page with drawings of curly motifs in many variations. Just after finishing high school, his parents stimulated him doing a thorough vocational test to look at career options. The advice which supposedly suited his character best was to become a farmer or an artist. Becoming a farmer was not possible, so he therefore applied to the Rietveld Art Academy.

To become admitted he had to bring various artworks while he only made pencil drawings. He decided to quit the process and entered a business school. Just like water is destined to float back to the sea, he uses his creativity as a business consultant and became the owner of an agency for conceptual branding solutions and creative marketing campaigns.


Peter has long sought how he was going to apply the remaining resources of his artistic creativity. Inspired by the Zero Movement and the Dutch masters Schoonhoven and Mondriaan he now has found his own unique style: FlakeArt.

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