Natural and uniquely home made, with hand shaved wood flakes.

This artform starts with labor, and some pain in my artistic hands. Self-planing, grinding, selecting, breaking and cutting of the flakes increases emotional involvement. Mine and … yours? It all starts with true durable craftsmanship.


All my FlakeArt creations start by fabricating home made and originally handcrafted wooden flakes for which I apply a special shaving technique. The flakes are carefully selected and further customized piece by piece. Than applied directly or dyed with acrylic paint on a brushed acrylic linen background and wooden frame. Composed, attached and varnished. In the last stage of the creative process, small pieces of rope may be added. Sometimes they function as ‘tails’ and sometimes they outline the shape of the template used.


The flakes used are made of natural wood and therefore the artwork may slightly change over time. It’s tangible material and the flakes will react to room temperature and humidity. This way, its keeping you involved even more. The vulnerability of the flakes versus the harmonic power of the systematic compositions gives an intriguing confrontation with inner personal moods, convictions and values.